BEST 7 Ways How to rank blog posts in Google

how to rank blog posts in Google to rank blog posts in Google and I’ve specifically got seven steps for you that I use and that work really really well now it’s obvious why we you would want to rank a blog post or rank an article in Google and that’s because you want more traffic and you may want traffic for a number different reasons you may want traffic because you’ve got ads on your blog and you want to be able to monetize the visitors that you generate you may have affiliate links on your articles or you may be doing what I do and that’s creating content writing articles in your space in order to generate traffic and convert that traffic into customers and clients so if you’re not familiar with me I own a digital marketing agency called lead guru and one of the main services that we offer is Facebook advertising

How to rank blog posts in Google

services and the article that I’m going to sort of demonstrate using an example here is an article called 47 Facebook advertising tips for success in 2020 and this article ranks very well it’s done very well for us in terms of generating clients for our Facebook advertising services so I’m going to go through as I said the seven steps that we used to to rank this article and sort of explain how we’ve done it and how you can go about replicating it as well and you know if you are a service based business like me or perhaps you’re an e-commerce a product based businesses based

business being able to get your blog post your articles and content to rank is a great way of generating customers obviously once it’s highly ranking in Google you don’t have to pay to continue to advertise to people to bring them in in the first place and content in the form of a blog post or an article is a great way to sort of demonstrate
expertise provide value that can then be used to convert those people into paying customers so showing that works very well something that I do a lot put a lot of effort into my blog and with that said let’s go through it all by the way make sure you stick around to a tip 7 because probably the single most
important it’s a little bit of a teaser in there for you guys right tip number one is very very simple so here I’ve got the the article in front of me and I’ll include a link to that and if a


description so you can check it out but I’m going to jump into sort of the WordPress side of things where I’ve got this exact same article but I’ve got it obviously within my WordPress dashboard now assuming that you’re using WordPress which is what I’d recommend most people who are writing blogs articles and that image themselves use WordPress it’s very easy to use the industry standard tons of plugins etc and the first tip I’ve got for you

Yoast SEO

how to rank your blog post in Google here’s a plug-in so if I scroll all the way to the bottom of this you will see that we have the Yoast SEO plug-in installed here we go Yoast SEO and when you install the OSS do plug-in and they will basically analyze your article as you can see at the bottom of each blog post you’ve got here and make recommendations about

How to rank blog posts in Google | Best 7 Tips
How to rank blog posts in Google | Best 7 Tips

adjustments you can make to help you rank higher so for example if I go into here and I take a look at the SEO analysis you can see I’ve actually got an orange face on there it’s not quite green so we could be doing slightly better doesn’t have to be perfect but you can see for example that there’s all sorts of things they recommend so key phrase density these red things are things that want to be changed orange things things that could be changed and a load of green ones that we’ve done very well but if you go ahead and install the Yoast plug-in and activate it completely free to use there are premium features but free to use they will tell you how you can go about improving various elements of your blog post to help it rank higher in Google gears you can see this article 20 ranks but there are definitely things that we could do here the ten would help improve performance and something that I should probably look into but I want to show you an example that ranks well and you can see green ones are things we’ve done very well or interesting those things that could be improved and read things and things we really want to to improve so that’s tip number one very very simple go ahead and install the Yoast SEO plugin tip number two step number two is to make sure you do your keyword research and identify the keyword that you really want this article this blog post to rank for in Google now just because you identify one keyword that you want a blog post to rank for it doesn’t mean that you’re only going to rank for that keyword you know you could rank for all sorts of related keywords and this this blog post does but you want to do your keyword research you wanna identify which one you think has a lot of potential in terms of there’s a good amount of monthly searches for it but also something that’s not massively competitive and you can rank for now here we’ve done the keyword research I’m not too sure how to do that I’ve got more videos coming out about that soon so don’t worry about the step by step on keyword research and there’s more videos there’s also other examples as people to produce so you can check those out I want to keep this more to get through the seven steps without creating a four hour video you know what I mean
but then here

Facebook advertising tips

trying to rent our focus key phrase and I’ve entered this into the sort of text field that used to give you it’s
Facebook advertising tips now that is actually a very competitive keyword anything to do with digital marketing online marketing is unsurprisingly very competitive and very difficult to rank for within Google because of course you’re trying to rank articles against other people that are also digital marketing experts and know what they are doing and it’s much more difficult than it is in you know other industries where your competition perhaps isn’t quite as fierce but this is a competitive keyword Facebook advertising tips and that’s what we decided we want to be able to to try and target it’s not the most

How to rank blog posts in Google
How to rank blog posts in Google

competitive in the industry it’s not like Facebook ads or Facebook
advertising or Facebook advertising services it’s around tips and we’ve been able to get this as I said to were to rank which is fantastic so that’s the keyword new we identified during the keyword research and we built the whole article around that so we knew that we went to go after Facebook advertising tips so we’ve come up with 47 Facebook advertising tips for success in 2020 as the headline okay so that’s that number two is to identify your target keyword step number three is to include that target keyword all over your blog post says various places you want to make sure that that target keyword is Yoast will provide you with a lot of
information down here there’s some things I want to specifically mention and myself right now
so the first thing is make sure you put it in the URL so the URL of this post and you’ll see because I include a link in the video description is our website lead girder pill UK as you can see here forward slash Facebook advertising tips so our URL the slug is exactly the keyword we’re targeting

we’ve also got it in the title 47 Facebook advertising tips for success in 2020 we have it in the meta description which is this section here that shows up in Google when someone you know before they click on to our blog post the part that shows up along the the headline you can say this is the most complete Facebook advertising tips article online the best part all of these tips all the tips in this article weren’t great in 2020 okay so and we’ve got it in the URL the headline the meta description and of course you want it in the article a number of times now you can see actually Yoast is telling us we should have this in our article more I’m a little bit reeling to do so cuz I don’t want to stuff this too much with this keyword and because I think it would look at natural but you can see that it says the focus key phrase
was found nine times nine times is usually quite a lot but because this is a very comprehensive blog post they want us to have it a minimum of 20 times I think that’s too much and this article has we’ll have a look now six thousand seven hundred forty seven words it’s almost a mini book very very long an in-depth article so this is an issue we’re having and it’s just I’m not willing to put that in there twenty times I think it would just be overkill but if you were writing let’s say a thousand word article you know and you included that five times and you’d be absolutely fine you you’d be meeting the criteria and how many times you want to include your keywords so follow Yoast in general that was just a little bit of a side but just make sure as I said you’ve got that keyword in a moment different places the headline the URL the Meta Description and multiple times in the article itself Google doesn’t know what your article is about unless they can see it in lots of different locations so we are telling Google our article is about Facebook advertising tips when someone searches for Facebook

advertising tips or keywords and they’re related to that I want my article to show up it’s going to be useful to the readers okay so make sure you do that that’s step number three step number four is to create a very in-depth value-packed blog post there’s no getting around for that it’s very very important if you want your blog post to rank higher than other people’s blog post on the same topic you have to provide something that is more useful more valuable and that often means in more in-depth and longer not always but often does and that’s what we went with in this case and because at the end of the day what does Google want to do Google wants to provide people who are searching with the best search

experience possible they want to make sure that when you search in Google you find exactly what you’re looking for you find resources that are really gonna help you as a search around that’s that’s what Google’s business model is that’s their entire thing and so how do they work that out how do they work out which blog post is going to deliver a better search experience for their users well one of the things they’re going to do is how long do people take in on your blog post you know if someone clicks onto your blog post and they click straight back off well that’s assigned to Google that maybe your blog post isn’t that valuable especially if they click back off and then they research and go on to another option so Google’s going to push you further down the rankings if people aren’t
much time on your blog post boys if someone comes to a blog post and they spend a lot of time on it they read it they obviously getting a lot of value from it they’re enjoying it and they don’t go back to Google and search for the same thing and we will track that sort of thing which means in Google’s mind that they likely had their query met they’ve had that answered and one of the ways to increase average session duration so how long someone spends on your blog post is to make sure that it’s really valuable really in-depth it’s written well it’s clear and and it just it delivers more than what your

competition does now not only does that help you rank in Google but it of course it helps you convert people then when they come through to your website because you’ve demonstrated all this expertise you deliver so much value so we’ve generated a number of clients more clients from this article than any of my other Facebook advertising related articles because of how in-depth and comprehensive it is so I’m just going to quickly scroll to show you what I’m talking about there are 47 tips and each tip usually has you know a couple of paragraphs on it kind of very quickly in fact actually I’ll go to the live version because it’d be easier for you guys to see but you can see here if I very quickly scroll 7,000 words is an enormous article we’ve got tons of links videos images all sorts of tips you know how to use Facebook to build an email list follow up with lead generation and responses ASAP all sorts of different things don’t go back to earlier you can breed this in your own time if you interest Facebook advertising I’d recommend you go through it but yeah 47 we’ve got index at the end 47
different tips tons and tons of value if you’re looking to get better results Facebook advertising this article is absolutely something you want to read and consume and there’s loads of value in it loads of things you can enact on so just think about ways that you can improve on what your competition are writing 47 Facebook advertising tips if you go to Google now and search Facebook advertising tips you will well I haven’t done this in the last couple of days but you will not find an article that has more tips in there’s lots of Facebook advertising tips related articles online but they will have 11 tips or 21 tips or 7 tips art has 47 okay it is absolutely dominant and it is the most valuable article in the space I’m very confident and to say that and that’s

honey okay so even though our website doesn’t have the same clout as other websites within the same space okay so that’s step number four is to write really in-depth value-packed article and just think how can I deliver more to my users how can I make their search experience even better okay tip number five is to create internal links to your new blog posts so let’s say for example you’ve published a new blog post you want that blog post to rank highly in Google well one of the steps you want to do is you want to make sure that you link to that new blog post from other blog posts and other pages on your website and for a couple of reasons one because the way Google’s sort of indexes pages and articles online is they go from links so they can have a much easier job of finding your article if you link to it from other articles but also you want to get people on to that article let’s say you’ve got other articles that are you know generating traffic well if it’s an appropriate location to say oh by the way check out this article on Facebook advertising tips and people click through to it then then spend time when the article that sends signals back to Google which can help you rank higher okay so creating internal links is very easy to do something like strongly recommend or show exactly how to do it so let’s say we publish this article what you want to do is you want to jump out to Google and you want to select site and then the name of your website so in this case site : lead go to KDK put in a space and then I would put in something like Facebook advertising tips okay and I search for that and you can see that Facebook sorry Google have delivered 58 results and this is all pages on my website and lead Gurda co uk where facebook advertising tips or something closely related is mentioned so
obviously the first one is the actual article itself but you know that’s not unsurprising but here I’ve got 7
Facebook ad targeting tips to boost ROI in 2020 I’ve got 11 copywriting facebook at 11 contracting tips for Facebook Ads so what you can then do is for example you could come in to let’s say this one click into that article so you know that this mentions something to do with Facebook advertising tips and what you can do is you could come into this article you can hit ctrl F and you could search for something like tips
and you could find an appropriate location in your article where you can then link to your new watch book so for example here I’ve got targeting as one of those two-point compotes of any campaign and these seven Facebook ad targeting tips were definite actally this I’ve caused a bit different it’s all about targeting but I could then edit this post put in another line beneath it and just say if you want more information on non targeting related Facebook advertising tips check out this article and then put a link to our new article okay does that make sense and you might be able to go through and then I said I had 58 so what I might do when I published this is go ahead and put in four or five internal links from other places where I talked about topics related to this article and I’ll put in a link and that’s creating internal link so very simple steps step number five to create ton of things but something is worth doing okay step number six just look at my notes here is to share your blog post on social media now the importance of this is going to vary depending on how big your social media following is so as I said I only digital marketing agency in certain locations I have very large social-media followings so if I jump over here to my Facebook group called Facebook Ads mastermind group you can see well actually I’ve got a hundred just under hundred and forty thousand people that like my Facebook page I have thirty three and a half thousand people as of the recording this video in my Facebook group and you can see here for example this isn’t me sharing a blog post is actually me sharing a video of mine they publish on YouTube but in my own group I will put in things like a link to a YouTube video you can see that 24 people have like this has got comments and people will click through so I know that given my following when I publish a new blog post and I post that blog post on to my facebook page my facebook group I have dozens sometimes hundreds of people go over and read my blog post and I’ll also do the same on Twitter LinkedInIn stagram whatever social media channels you have I have much smaller followings on Twitter I think of about 5,000 Instagram about 3,000 because I don’t know as much on those platforms but it’s still valuable to do that
a because Google just wants you to put stuff on social media you look more like a real credible business and a quality the content is hot more likely to be quality of
willing to share it on a social media platform but be again if I can send a lot of people to the article that I just written to the blogpost and they enjoy it they spend a lot of time on it perhaps they leave comments below that tells Google that this is a high quality article and they should move me up the rankings so by being able to send people to my new blog post from social media and again the large of the social media profiles you have the more important this is and so for me it’s a significant factor with tens of thousands of people on Facebook in particular I can really help you move up the rankings but even if you’ve just got you know a few hundred people and maybe it’s just gonna be your friends and family members and a couple of work colleagues or something that click and read it
that’s better than no one so just make sure you take a bit of time to share your blog post on social media if you want to get into advertising that blog post and boosting that further you can I’ve got other videos on that so check out my youtube channel for very sort of Facebook advertising related things and but just at the bare minimum make sure you share it okay so that’s that number six right now step number seven and this is probably I mean all the steps are important they all need to work together but if you really want to rank highly particularly if you want to rank highly in Google for a very competitive keyword or keyphrase like Facebook advertising tips you need to find a way to generate some backlinks backlinks for those you aren’t aware are links from other websites to your articles so where we created the internal links which is links from pages and blog posts on your own website to the new article or blog post videos on your own website a backlink is when you get someone from another website to link to your article now these are seen as much more valuable backlinks aren’t all created equal so a backlink from you know a really big blog or website within your industry that generates lots and lots of traffic is more valuable than one that doesn’t there’s much smaller and I’m going to create much more videos around backlinks and so I’m not gonna get into those too much detail here but generating
backlinks can really help you move your blog post up the rankings in Google because a backlink acts like an
endorsement if some if another website is willing to link to your article to tell their readers I’d recommend you this out that tells Google that your article your blog post is likely

high-quality really valuable and that will help you move up the rankings in Google so how do you go about generating backlinks there’s loads of strategies I’m going to get into that on future videos but my favorite is guest posts if you are willing to write guest posts for these other websites most websites most blogs are always looking for content right so if you’re willing to write a guest post you do it for free you write an article for them you publish it on their website and then in that article you link back to your own article on your website so the guest post is published on their blog and you put a link in this case my facebook

blog posts link to this one your own other articles a blog post link to your new one step six is to share your new blog post on social media if you have big followings it’s really effective if not it’s still worth doing and then number seven is to in fact get that right yes six is to share on social media and number seven is to find a way to generate backlinks my favorite method is by writing guest posts and linking back to your own articles and if you do all those steps then you’ve got a very very good chance of ranking your blog post very highly in Google now one thing I want to quickly mention because I may get questions about this is you can probably see the publication date here is April 6th 2020 now this video that I’m recording right now is going to be published

probably May 2021 I thinking how is your article ranked highly already because it does take time and the answer is that that’s actually an update date is then we updated the article on April 6th 2020 which we do from time to time because Facebook advertising is a very dynamic thing that changes a lot the this article was first published back in I believe early 2018 so it’s at least two years old and we just updated it because I said things change in facebook

How to rank blog posts in Google | Best 7 Tips
How to rank blog posts in Google | Best 7 Tips

advertising and that actually can help you move up the ranks as well so in case you’re wondering that’s why now before you go I want to quickly mention our SEO services so if you want your website your blog to rank highly in Google that is something that we can help you with and help you achieve so our SEO services start from just 350 pounds per month which is for those who’ve known in the UK that’s about four hundred and thirty dollars per month right now with current exchange rates obviously they can change and but very very affordable and and much less expensive than a lot of other services on other platforms things like Facebook advertising and things like that were able to offer SEO for app for much less and so if you’re interested in working with a professional company you want them to handle it for you to really help you get there

you’re after then by all means it’d be great to work to have a conversation the best step if you are interested on SEO services is to start by requesting a free SEO report so there will be a link in the video description below if you click on that link that’ll take you to a page where you can just enter in your URL and a bit of contact information will then produce an SEO report on your website and it will be full of

recommendations on things that we think need to be improved and that can help you get better performance and help you move up the rankings in Google and completely free to do no obligation if you do get a report you don’t have to go on to use our services but we will let you know how much we’d say they’d cost and what we’d recommend doing and how we go about doing that and but yeah if you’re interested link in the
description go ahead and request a free SEO report and we’ll be in touch to discuss our services and hopefully we’ll get a chance to work together if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up please comment below and let me know if you’ve got any questions I know my steps

advertising tips post to my blog and that can really help move things up the rankings so I think for this article we wrote 6 guest posts and linked those back to our to this post and that really helped move it up the rankings ok so it’s something I’d strongly recommend how do you go about finding guest post opportunities again I’m going to create a video about that but in the simplest way is just to jump into Google and search for topics related to your industry find blogs and they look to see if they have a right for us or a contribute
something along those lines ok that’s how I found opportunities for this you then apply and to write for them usually so that might involve submitting
previous work to demonstrate you can write good quality articles and I’ve done that approach to write for some of the biggest publications in and the digital marketing space so I’m a regular contributor to social media examiner and a backing from them means a lot of them really help you move you up the rankings and I’ve been able to demonstrate that I produce a good work and apply for them but there are all sorts of options within all sorts of industries loads of websites and blogs one guest content so provide you’re willing to write it it’s a great way to get back clicks and that really helps you okay so just quickly to recap the seven steps that you need to do to get your blog post to rank highly in Google is first install the Yoast plug-in and make sure you follow the instructions as closely as possible I haven’t actually done so here that’s something I need to fix but that’s what I’d recommend and to make sure you do keyword research and establish a target keyword in this example that was
Facebook advertisement

How to rank blog posts in Google | Best 7 Tips
How to rank blog posts in Google | Best 7 Tips

three right an in-depth value-packed article that gives more value than what your competitors give so here it’s almost 7,000 words and it’s 47 Facebook advertising tips that is insanely value packed number four is to include your keyword everywhere so make sure you put it in the URL in the title in the Meta Description many times in the article itself Step five is to create internal links to make sure other articles and

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